gipsy 40 denier coloured opaque tights
On trend fashionable opaques from Gipsy Tights. Great colours to compliment your outfits.
gipsy dotty seam and heel tights
Natural or black 15 denier seamed tights, with a unique twist.
tartan bright red tights
On trend red tartan tights
tartan bright beige tights
On trend beige tartan tights.
gipsy medium fishnet ankle highs
On trend medium fishnet ankle socks. Perfect with sneakers, or heels.
gipsy fishnet ankle highs
Cute black fishnet ankle socks. Team with any outfits, perfect with flats, heel, or sneakers.
gipsy crushed velvet leggings
High quality velvet crush leggings, that are cut and sewn, for a better fit.
gipsy honeycomb texture tights black
Add texture to any outfit this season with honeycomb design tights, in black or navy