charnos bridal satin band hold ups
Charnos Bridal Satin Band Hold Ups
£ 2.95
Ultra sheer champagne colour hold ups, with satin smooth ivory band. Perfect for special occasions.
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The perfect hold ups for special and romantic occasions. Ultra sheer 10 denier hold ups in beautiful champagne shade, that compliments your skin tone with a flawless result. 

The feminine ivory, soft satin, band sits flat and discreet on the thigh. ElasTAC silicone technology achieves a comfortable and confident wear.

Satin sheer legs, smooth satin tops, sheer toe, shaped foot.
86% Nylon 14% Lycra (excl. silicone top)
Hand wash
Made in Italy

Colour: Champagne-Ivory

Please note: whilst most ladies find hold ups comfortable, if you experience any discomfort or an adverse reaction, please discontinue wearing.

3 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Large are perfect for taller ladies heights up to 182cm
Please see size guide in images