What Katie Did Seam Stockings Black
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What Katie Did is one of the world's leading brands specialising in faux vintage hosiery. Designs heavily influenced by Silver Screen Glamour of the '40s and '50s.
What Katie Did Nylons are a must for every pin up girl, and these affordable every day Retro Seamed Stockings add a glamorous and finishing touch to any outfit.
Seamed Nylons still made on vintage machines in Italy, where most of the finest hosiery is made today. Designed to look vintage combining a modern fit, the perfect seam and point heel. Comfortable, and affordable, enough for daily wear.
Seamed Nylon Stockings with elastane are a must for all vintage fashionistas.

Medium/Large great for taller ladies, for heights 5ft5"- 5ft11".
At a glance: Vintage inspired, 15 denier, point heel, perfect seams.
74% nylon, 14% elastane, 12% polypropylene
2 Sizes:
Small-Medium (Height 5ft1"-5ft7", Weight 110-145lbs) 
Medium-Large (Height 5ft5"-5ft11", Weight 120-175lbs)
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