Latest Legwear Fashions

trasparenze tropea open toe tights
8 Denier toeless pantyhose, in 3 luxurious skin tones.
Price 9.99
essexee legs plus size open gusset tights
100% Nylon sheer tights with air flow open-crotch, in black or natural
Price 5.99
levante levia 30 denier compression pantyhose
Satin sheer medical pantyhose ideal for: travel, tired legs, mild oedema, slight varicose veins.
Price 16.99
miss o fishnet open crotch pantyhose with pinstripe design
Small mesh tights featuring vertical pinstripes, and open gusset.
Price 8.95
miss o 40 denier shiny open-crotch pantyhose white
Feminine white high gloss Miss O's, with extra coverage, and open gusset
Price 7.99
miss o 40 denier shiny open-crotch pantyhose grey
Fabulous high shine tights with extra coverage, and open gusset.
Price 7.99
levante perfect 8 tights
8 denier sheer tights with a matte cosmetic effect. Regular and X-Tall sizes up to height 185cm
Price 7.99
trasparenze rosy hold ups nude-black
Beautiful Italian hosiery. 20 denier, matte finish, with contrasting lace tops in black.
Price 13.95
levante ultimate 80 tights mocca
Rich espresso brown opaques made from the softest yarns. Discontinued shade, save 36% on RRP
Price 8.00
trasparenze scandal strip-panty stockings
15 denier strip-panty style stockings. The ease of wearing suspender stockings without issues with
Price 14.99
gipsy crushed velvet leggings
High quality velvet crush leggings, that are cut and sewn, for a better fit.
Price 17.99
trasparenze lucrezia lace top opaque hold ups
Luxurious 70 Denier stay ups featuring 15cm deep lace tops.
Price 19.95